Nov. 19, 2015

7 Awesome U.S. Wine Destinations That Aren’t Napa

When it comes to finding good wine, we generally think of Napa, France, Italy or Spain. Problem is, those are big trips. So we did a little research and found that fancy European-quality wine can be had all over the country, maybe even right in your backyard. Consider these seven American locales the next time you’re pining for a tasting.

Best Malbec: Snake River Valley, Oregon and Idaho

May. 10, 2016

Boise in Top 10 America’s Best Wine Regions to Visit, Ranked by Sommeliers

Boise's Snake River Valley ranked among the top 10 best wine regions to visit.

Must-hit wineries: Bitner, HAT Ranch, Ste. Chapelle

The Snake River Valley is young and exciting, says Boyle, and the unique combination of long, warm, sunny days and cool nights produces balanced and food-friendly wines that are starting to make a name for themselves. Of Idaho's three AVAs, this one is the oldest and many of its wineries boast panoramic views of the Snake River and the nearby Owyhee Mountains. Plus, the region is also one of America's best for outdoorsy travelers, so your non-tasting time can be spent hiking, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking.

Oct. 8, 2015

Great Northwest Wine: Greg Koenig Continues to Lead Charge in Snake River Valley

It has been more than 20 years since a young, energetic man arrived on the Idaho wine scene and helped begin to change the perception of wine being made in the Gem State.

Today, Greg Koenig is a veteran winemaker. He’s not necessarily considered part of the old guard, even if the slightest hint of silver is starting to show up in his hair. With his brother, Andy, he launched Koenig Distillery & Winery in the Sunnyslope Wine District in the mid-1990s and went to work reimagining an industry that, for the most part, was languishing in obscurity.

Though he is a graduate of famed University of Notre Dame and a classically trained architect, Koenig came to winemaking as a hobby and has little formal training – preferring to learn his craft on the job.

Today, Koenig is one of the most recognized and respected winemakers in Idaho.