Oct. 29, 2014

CSHQA & RC Bigelow Tea Honored with 2014 EnviroGuard Award

Mayor David Bieter presented EnviroGuard Sustainability Awards to local architecture firm CSHQA and RC Bigelow Tea Company. “The EnviroGuard Awards are a great way to spread the word that sustainable practices are not just good for the environment, they’re good business,” Mayor Bieter said. “This year’s winners are wonderful examples for other companies looking to make their businesses more sustainable, innovative and cost-efficient.” Since 1989, EnviroGuards have been presented to more than 50 local businesses and organizations who engage in innovative sustainable practices and work to reduce their environmental footprint, enhancing our quality of life.
Oct. 21, 2015

Bigelow Tea Composts For A Common Good In Boise

Bigelow Tea believes that making sustainability a priority is the right way to do business. Recycling, conserving energy and composting are a few of the ways the Bigelow Tea family tries to minimize its impact on the environment. At the company’s Boise, Idaho plant, composting is a big deal. Here’s a bit more about composting in Boise.

For starters, Bigelow Tea composted 6,885 pounds last year! In addition, over the past year, the company connected with the organization Create Common Good, and now composts at their community garden. Create Common Good is an organization that provides on the job food-service training programs for people with barriers to employment to achieve self-sufficiency. The average wage for participant before going through the program is $1.13 an hour and increases to $9.57 per hour afterwards. Last year they chopped 36 tons of onions, 437 people were trained, and 91% of participants were placed into jobs in the community after completing the program.

Oct. 27, 2014

Boise International Market Brings Global Flavor to the Bench

by Julie Hahn

With room for 28 businesses— international cuisine, fashion, coffee and tea business are staking ground on Boise's Bench.

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