Jul. 13, 2015

Fast Company: The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs

Entrepreneurs and young professionals looking to launch their career or their startup in an active technology hub have a wide variety of alternatives to the costly traditional hotspots like New York, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. As Fast Company shares, "The country’s hottest up-and-coming tech scenes in 2015 are typically found in mid-sized cities eager to make a name for themselves, offering big-city resources like universities, access to talent, and satellite offices of tech industry titans along with lower costs of living and a greater work/life balance." 

The Boise Metro lands at #7 on the list, "Boise has cemented itself as an affordable launch pad for tech careers, attracting major industry employers like Hewlett Packard and Microsoft along with a burgeoning startup ecosystem. 'It's always one of those places that is ranked near the top of the best places to live because of the quality of life, affordability, recreational opportunities, and it's got a great business environment as well...'

Jan. 8, 2016

Boise Tech Startup IonVR Partners with Intel

by IonVR

Boise startup Ion Virtual Technology Corporation (IonVR) and Intel Corporation revealed joint work that is pushing the technological boundaries to deliver the first untethered six degrees of freedom, hand-virtualization enabled VR experience on a mobile device – a groundbreaking immersive VR experience where people literally walk through three-dimensional space, untethered from a computer or console, to experience VR content on the Intel® RealSense™ Smartphone Developer Kit.

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Jun. 4, 2015

Tech company AppDetex raises $2 million

AppDetex, a Boise technology company that protects businesses’ brands on mobile applications, has raised $2 million from investors to fuel growth. Some of that money will be used to add new employees, especially software developers, according to chief financial officer John Rubocki. The $2 million is the first major financing for AppDetex, Rubocki said. He said the funding came from both local and regional investors whom he declined to identify. Rubocki said the company now has sufficient capital for its growth. “Hopefully as we continue to grow we will be seeking more funds,” he said.

AppDetex was founded in 2011 by local entrepreneur Faisal Shah. Before AppDetex, Shah founded and ran another brand protection company, MarkMonitor, which Thomson Reuters bought in 2012. He also founded First to File, a patent management system, which was acquired in 2013 by CPA Global.

Aug. 31, 2016

A Tech Corridor Takes Shape Along a Downtown Boise Street

Victor and Sarah Olivares smiled and applauded as their son Isaac accepted a certificate from Boise Mayor Dave Bieter for completing a summer coding course at the Boise Public Library. Sarah Olivares said she found the course while looking for free and constructive activities to keep Isaac busy before he started seventh grade last week at Lowell Scott Middle School. She new nothing about coding, but her son had expressed interest in engineering. She figured a chance to pursue his passion for computers was a good thing.

Victor Olivares said the six-week course, with once-a-week classes in introductory JavaScript, could yield greater dividends later in an economy demanding an increasingly code-literate workforce.

“Coding is in everything right now,” he said. “The opportunity for Isaac to learn at this age was just great.”

If Isaac pursues a career in technology, he can start by walking behind the library and looking up 8th Street. Within a few blocks to the north, he will see a startup co-working space, a new Downtown code school and the Boise State University’s Computer Science Department.

If he pokes his head into offices within a few blocks of Eighth Street, he will find dozens of software companies that are part of a broader Treasure Valley tech industry that is snapping up code-school and Boise State computer-science graduates.

Oct. 16, 2014

Boise Tech Scene: A Day in the Life

Boise Tech Scene - A Day in the Life

This short video provides snapshots of the lives of several of the personalities working inside the Boise Valley's tech companies. Boise continues to rank as one of the top cities for tech growth.

Feb. 18, 2016

7 Idaho Tech Startups to Keep an Eye On

Idaho Business Insider recently choose seven startups to watch out for in the next couple years. The products they sell and the markets they service are all very different, but the common ground that they all share is Idaho borne ingenuity. The list includes: Gen Z Technology, Inergy Holdings, SaasFocus, PsiFlow Technologies, Willoop, LandProData, and Advanced Ceramic Fibers. 

Jun. 12, 2015

BSU Launches Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile Tech Courses

by Ralph Poore, Boise State University

Boise State is launching courses in Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) this fall. Professionals in marketing, healthcare and technology are using these skills to create computer-generated images for various projects. GIMM courses are expected to draw students from art, computer science, English, information technology and supply chain management, and educational technology. 

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Jul. 22, 2016

BSU Student’s ‘Bike Idaho’ App Wins Grand Prize In Idaho Tech Challenge

Boise State University's Josh White won the grand prize and Best of Tourism award in the Idaho Tech Challenge, a competition put on by AT&T, the Idaho Technology Council and Gov. Butch Otter's office.

The contest challenged university students to create an educational software application focused on agriculture, health care or tourism. White's submission, titled “Bike Idaho," shows Idaho’s scenic byways in map or list form, with pictures, elevation, and distance to provide users with tools to find and enjoy cycling in the Gem State. Winners receive cash prizes and potential mentoring and networking with the AT&T Foundry. BSU students were awarded a total of $17,000 in prizes, according to a press release.

"Our goal was to use technology as a way for university level students to challenge each other while creating something that benefits their home state,” stated Carl Gipson with AT&T External Affairs. 

Oct. 12, 2015

Founders of BoiseCodeWorks Say Graduates Will Help Fill Valley’s Need for Tech Talent

It was about 6:10 on a Wednesday night when brothers and instructors Jake and Matt Overall opened class at BoiseCodeWorks. The 21 students who make up the code school’s first cohort sat in rows, tapping away at laptops.

The Overalls and their students are the Treasure Valley’s answer to a chronic shortage of software developer talent in the Valley and elsewhere. BoiseCodeWorks, which opened in August on 50th Street north of Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, is one of dozens of coding schools to sprout around the country over the past four years.

These businesses offer coding boot camps, short but intensive alternatives to higher education. For $3,200, the Overalls promise graduates that they will be competent in coding skills that employers demand.

BoiseCodeWorks is the first such camp locally.

Nov. 11, 2014

Boise Tech Mall Brings the Gear, Including State-of-the-Art Cooking Equipment for Cafe

The Boise Tech Mall is set to open December, featuring state-of-the-art cooking equipment used in the cafe. The multi-story building will also feature a business center with continued learning opportunities, a high-tech innovation center and device repair center and creative design center.
Jun. 2, 2016

Idaho Ranks Second In Tech Sector Growth

Idaho was recently ranked number two in the country for Tech Sector Growth, closely behind Utah. Idaho's Tech sector grew by 6.3 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to CompTIA’s 2016 Cyber States Report. The report also highlighted that Idaho's Tech Sector, on average, pays 136% better than the average private sector position. 


via IDTechCouncil

RT @IdahoStatesman: Meet Faisal Shah, Boise's "godfather of startups": idahostatesman.com/2014/10/22/343… pic.twitter.com/DSlcISipwf
Nov. 3, 2014

Valley’s New Tech & Corporate Icons Rank in Idaho Private 75

by ​Jess Flynn
Fast-growing technology companies and iconic corporations from across the Boise Valley are featured in Idaho Private 75, the annual ranking of the state's top private companies.
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Feb. 18, 2015

Hackfort 2 to Spotlight, Support Growing Boise Tech Community

by ​Jess Flynn

On the heels of a successful inaugural event, Hackfort returns with an expanded program to highlight Boise’s burgeoning technology industry and attract talent to the region. Hackfort 2 is a hybrid technology conference that not only features speakers and panels covering progressive tech issues, but showcases Boise’s tech community with several networking events and even a collaborative hackathon. As the technology limb of the 2015 Treefort Music Fest, Hackfort 2 will occur March 26 to 28 at The Owyhee in downtown Boise.

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Apr. 14, 2016

Boise Angel Fund Backs 3 Tech Startups

The Capitol City Angel Fund, associated with the Boise Angel Alliance, says it has invested undisclosed amounts in three Boise companies over the past few months: IdeaRoom, Proskriptive, and RetroLux.

The $1 million-plus fund’s members are accredited investors. The fund makes investments in high-growth, early stage local companies. Since the Boise Angel Alliance’s founding in 2004, funds and members have invested over $12 million, mostly in local companies. The alliance says the companies have since created more than 350 jobs in Idaho.

Sep. 29, 2014

Idaho Small Business Development Center Receives National Tech Accreditation

The Idaho Small Business Development Center (Idaho SBDC) has received technology accreditation from its national association. The organization is one of 12 SBDC programs nationwide to achieve this designation. It recognizes the organization’s competencies in coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state who have technology or innovation as a core competitive advantage. The competencies include assistance with commercialization, intellectual property, alternative financing, research and development funding, and referral resources.
Jun. 24, 2015

Boise’s Downtown Tech Hub Drives Vital Growth

by Tommy Ahlquist, COO of Gardner Co.

Idaho’s hallmark characteristics of can-do attitude, innovative thinking and global ambition are on full and dramatic display in the heart of the capital as we reach the midpoint of 2015.

Commuters into Downtown Boise see the cityscape changing with each new sunrise. With cranes and construction crews on nearly every corner bringing the city’s next chapter to life, the skyline and the businesses inside it are changing, too.

While it’s easy to see on the surface how Idaho will benefit from all the construction, the Gardner Co. and fellow members of the Idaho Technology Council are doubly excited about what is about to happen inside the walls of these transformational businesses. Planted inside these new facilities are the seeds of the powerful technological growth coming in the very near future. 

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Oct. 16, 2014

Tech Tool Takes Treasure Hunting To New Idaho Levels

Geocaching, a new online treasure hunting game, allows Idahoans to search for outdoor landmarks by tracking specific geographic coordinates. The game can be played around the globe or in the Boise Valley backyard.

Nov. 14, 2014

Nampa startup WMD Tech Hits Nearly $6 million in Revenue

WMD Tech, a company established in 2008, has tripled its 2013 sales. Ricky Bowman (president/CFO), wife Evangelina Bowman, and three sons Robert, Christopher, and Timothy Brown have grown their family business into what is now a $5.9 million dollar operation. Robert and Christopher Brown are bomb technicians, with military training while Timothy Brown, an electrical engineer, rounds out the management team. WMD Tech and its eleven employees work out of the Boise State TECenter. WMD’s customers range from the military, local and state fire departments, and even the FBI. Essentially, the company trains other specialized groups on how to use their state of the art equipment, making jobs easier and safer. The company also manufactures equipment like the XTK Grid Aim System, a device that is designed to safely eliminate the power source of any Improvised Explosive Device (IED).
Nov. 18, 2014

Boise Healthcare Tech Company Finalist in ‘Fierce Innovation’ Awards

Inofile, a Boise company specializing in healthcare information exchange, was announced as a finalist for the 'Fierce Innovation: Healthcare Edition' awards. The national award recognizes trailblazers in healthcare.