Oct. 8, 2015

How A New Boise Arts Organization Is Electrifying The Scene

Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas are what you might call an artistic power couple. They’re both talented creatives in their own right – Edson is a dancer and choreographer, and Stensaasis a musician. They’ve been collaborating on and off for a few years.

But recently, the married couple landed on their big idea: forming a new arts organization that would push the limits of form and genre. LED was born around the same time as their son. They make their official Boise debut with a full production of "This Side of Paradise" Oct. 10 at the Morrison Center.

When choreographer Trey McIntyre decided to dissolve his dance company almost two years ago, Edson echoed the sadness many in the community felt. But she says that loss also presented an opportunity for LED to push the Boise dance scene to the next level, by blending live music, video and storytelling.

“Boise is the perfect place to do that," she says. "It’s – I think – primed for a company like ours that is wanting to bridge the gap between technology and art.”