Nov. 6, 2015

Trailhead – Downtown Boise’s Entrepreneurial Hub

by Idaho Commerce

What do you get when a tech trio meet with the Mayor of Boise? The answer is not a punchline to a joke but rather an extraordinary example of how the City of Boise worked with prominent business leaders to create Trailhead!

In 2014, Faisal Shah, Karen Meyer, and Jason Crawforth brought the idea of creating a central hub for entrepreneurs, investors, creators, educators, and the like to Boise. With commitments from the city of Boise and the Capital City Development Corporation to cover the rental costs – along with the other sources of financial help – Trailhead is alive and thriving in downtown Boise.

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Jan. 13, 2017

Trailhead Launches Evening Intro Web Development Course

by Trailhead Boise

Trailhead, Boise’s startup hub, announces a Front End Web Development education series that teaches beginners how to program.  The Front-End Foundations Series will help students learn tools and technologies that enable them to build interactive web pages and applications. Students may sign up for individual courses, or the entire 3 part, 8 week series.  Classes begin January 24, and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Trailhead - 500 S 8th Street in downtown Boise.

Trailhead is partnering with Boise State University’s Venture College and Tyro, a Boise-based software programming education company. Those that complete the three part series can earn a Front-End Foundations Badge from Boise State University Venture College. “We understand the importance of coding education, especially in the startup community and we are delighted to partner with Trailhead and one of our own Badgeholders - Zach Richardson - to help deliver it,” said Kevin Learned, Director of Boise State University Venture College.

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May. 11, 2016

Code School Takes Shape at Trailhead

by Lisa Holland

Getting a degree in computer science may sound daunting, though today it’s getting easier to learn technical skills through up-skilling programs that are taking shape in the Boise Valley.

Starting on June 13th, a cohort of students will be embarking on a 12-week intensive software programming education at Trailhead. A partnership between Boise Code Works (BCW) and Trailhead Boise, the goal is to launch a permanent code school in the basement of the Trailhead building.

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Jun. 30, 2015

Boise Valley Mayors @ Trailhead

Photo by Trailhead Boise

Boise Valley Mayors gather at The Trailhead to learn about the new collaborative professional space that encourages gathering, connecting and learning. Founded by local entrepreneurs, The Trailhead is a non-profit, community effort focused on helping develop the next generation of business successes in the Metro. 

Nov. 11, 2015

Talking Diversity at Boise’s Trailhead

A roundtable discussion was recently held at Trailhead in downtown Boise to discuss why diversity is becoming so important in the Boise Valley. The  members discussed why the Boise Valley and Idaho need to work towards creating a environment more welcoming to people of a variety of backgrounds. The discussion panelists included Byrd, AppDetex Founder Faisal Shah and Operations Director Dr. Krissa Wrigley, Dr. Harry Lazarte, and Boise State student and organizer Andres Lazarte, who said he hopes to hold similar summits in Boise on a quarterly basis. They hope to make Idaho the example of diversity for the rest of the country to follow. 

May. 27, 2015

Startup-helping Trailhead takes shape in Boise

Last week, Bob Burtch was one of a dozen entrepreneurs working on business plans at Trailhead, a new Downtown nonprofit at the corner of 8th and Myrtle streets that promises to grease wheels for startups. Burtch, 60, sipped coffee from a paper cup between taps on his laptop keyboard. He munched an apple. Burtch said he believes his company can prevent commercial airplane disasters, such as Malaysia Air Flight 370, which disappeared with 239 aboard, or the Germanwings plane carrying 150 souls that investigators believe a suicidal co-pilot deliberately crashed into the Alps.... 

But first, Burtch must do something never asked of him in 31 years at Boeing: ask for money. That means pitching to investors. That means knowing how to get into a room with investors in the first place.

That is what brought him to Trailhead. There, he received tips on how to craft his presentation from John Hale, a Trailhead board member, a serial angel investor, a former managing partner of accounting firm KPMG’s Boise office and the chairman of the Capitol City Development Corp., Boise’s urban renewal agency. With Hale’s help, Burtch pitched Thompson Aerospace to a potential investor in Meridian and has lined up meetings with other Treasure Valley investors looking for promising startups to fund. “That would have never happened on my own,” Burtch said.

Jun. 8, 2016

Trailhead Brings New Coding Course To Boise

Last May, leaders at Trailhead, the Downtown startup coworking space, said they hoped to start a coding school that would teach coding skills needed by growing tech companies across the Treasure Valley.

That plan will soon come to fruition. The first 12-week coding boot camp will start June 13 at the intersection of 8th and Myrtle streets, offering training in some of the most sought-after coding languages, including JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Angular, APls, C# and .NET.

Jul. 21, 2015

Boise’s Trailhead Joins Global Startup Federation

by Trailhead

Trailhead, downtown Boise’s newest collaboration space for entrepreneurs, has joined the Startup Federation to bring global startup connections to Boise-based startups. The Startup Federation is a global network of 21 of the world’s top startup hubs, incubators, and co-working spaces focused on growing high-quality startups with highly scalable products or services. The organization’s goal is to help local entrepreneurs connect to the global ecosystem so that all startups throughout the world have the opportunity to succeed.

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Jun. 17, 2015

Innovation in Idaho—the ‘Boise Way’—Starts at Trailhead

A small group of well-known Boise entrepreneurs—Jason Crawforth, Karen Meyer and Faisal Shah—recognized the need to develop a support system and education for early-stage businesses at the framing stage of the business process: for the big idea that needs refinement; for the budding entrepreneur who lacks experience; and for the new product that depends on a particular technology.

Trailhead, a new collaborative working space for entrepreneurs to connect to the people and resources they need to succeed is filling that niche. Trailhead collaborates with Boise’s business ecosystem to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to advance their ideas. In the most practical sense, that means providing working spaces for idea generation, collaboration and refinement, as well as mentorship by people who have built their own startups.

Jan. 13, 2016

Trailhead in Boise to Participate in International Entrepreneur Competition

Boise will be one of more than 50 cities stretched across the globe hosting the Challenge Cup, an entrepreneur pitch event paying big cash awards to finalists. On Jan. 13, selected entrepreneurs will give two-minute pitches about their startups’ business models and growth plans to a panel of judges from Trailhead, Boise State University School of Innovation and the local startup community. Boise winners will advance to a regional competition in San Francisco for a chance to advance to the international finals in Washington, D.C., where judges will award more than $1 million in prizes.

May. 26, 2016

GenZ Technology Readies For Global Startup Competition

The Challenge Cup Global Finals are nearly here and all of us at Trailhead couldn’t be more excited to have local winner (and Trailhead member) GenZ Technology taking part June 5 – 11 in Washington D.C.

The Challenge Cup is a global startup competition for businesses in regulated industries. Hosted by renowned startup accelerator 1776, the Challenge Cup provides a unique opportunity for companies to connect with industry experts and have a chance to win up to $1 million in funding.

This year’s global competition will feature Boise-based GenZ Technology, developer of a cutting-edge agriculture sprayer that provides great benefits for farmers, workers and the environment.