May. 4, 2015

A Guide to Must-Sees in the City of Trees

by Buddy Levy, Alaska Beyond Magazine

Alaska Beyond Magazine's Buddy Levy gives insight on Boise's spectacular recreational assets, lively downtown and many striking urban sites. He lists "10 ideas for your own visit to this extraordinary destination" as well as day trips, Boise's additional claims to fame, and a snapshot of other notable areas in the Boise Valley. Whether you're a weekend visitor, business traveler or Boise Valley local, it's easy to fall in love with the City of Trees. 

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Jul. 28, 2016

The City of Trees: A Growing History

Trees are synonymous with Boise. The French word bois (or "wood") entered the local lexicon when traveling trappers referred to our downtown waterway a la riviere boisee, "the forested river." It was natural that we should we grow into the City of Trees or, to borrow from the French, la ville boisee, "the forested city."

Boise's history sprouts from the roots of its urban forest, with some of its oldest and most historically significant citizens still quietly thriving in plain sight.

Oct. 22, 2015

Free Tree Programs Aim To Make Boise Greener

The City of Trees wants more people to have – well – trees.

Ryan Rodgers is with the city's community forestry department, and says there are many benefits to growing more trees in Boise. Rodgers says that's why the city is providing two free programs for people who want more shade by their homes.